Renee Kounis

ARKHE LANE IS ethically created in alignment with our director/designer humanitarian beliefs. Renee believes that she is here to create a label that not only makes the owner of the ARKHE LANE threads feel better & life a healthier life, but to also give back to the World and make it a better place. 

Every 4 seconds a child in Africa Dies.
Every 4 seconds someone commits suicide.

One of the main reasons ARKHE LANE was created, is to help those in need.

1.11 percent of ARKHE LANE’S quarterly profits will be donated to 2 selected different charities.

These charities will change every quarter.

Therefore every ARKHE LANE bought helps someone in need. This means somewhere on this Earth of ours, someone that needs a little help, someone that needs a little love and support, is going to get a little helping hand, and feel a little better because of ARKHE LANE.

We absolutely LOVE this! 

'BecauseLife Feels Better In ARKHE LANE!'

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