Renee Kounis

I believe life should not only look good, but feel really good too! 

Having been a Fashion Designer, Health & Wellness Coach & Personal Trainer with 20 years experience, I have listened to so many women’s wants & needs in life, especially when it comes to how they want to look & feel! 

Deeply passionate about Health, Wellness & Fashion, I am such a firm believer we all have the right to look & feel amazing, everyday and especially in our Activewear!

Extremely aware of the huge wellness & Activewear shifts, one day it just ‘clicked’ for me & that bringing my passions together felt so right.

I am thrilled to share with you ARKHE LANE, premium Activewear for the active & stylish woman.

With body loving cuts, functional designs & exclusive prints, ARKHE LANE was created for the busy woman who like me, lunches, works, rests, plays, shops... oh yeah & works out in their Activewear... ;)

Ethically created in alignment with my humanitarian beliefs & infused with passion in every stitch,  ARKHE LANE will have you feeling stylish, vibrant & fierce!

'Because life feels better in ARKHE LANE' 

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