Renee spent all her childhood summers on the beach, obsessed with sand, ocean & swimwear! She often dreamt of newly designed bikinis, only to be disappointed when she woke, that these gorgeous new pieces were not in her wardrobe!

Having owned many swimsuits, but only craving more exclusive designs, she was lead to a sewing machine at a very young age.

Neyku naturally launched many decades later after she graduated from Design College
in 2010. 

Designed in her Sydney (Australia) Studio, Neyku is in its 7th year of winning Aussie hearts!


But it wasn't always roses for Renee, she suffered from depression, eating disorders, chronic pain during her late teens & most of her 20s. In survival mode, and a natural learner & fighter, she dove deep and learnt every thing she could about health, wellness, fitness, lifestyle & mindset.

After completing her Human Movement/ Sports Science Degree, she became a Personal Trainer. Educating and supporting others with their health and fitness goals came natural to her. With her knowledge, passion and compassion, has inspired thousands of others to live a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life through her Exercise, Wellness & Personal Training Business, as well as working for Celebrity trainer Michelle Bridges' 12WBT, 


Now having conquered it all, feeling the healthiest and happiest she ever has, Renee brings all her passions together & it feels so right.. 

Inspiring other to 'Live a life that not only looks good, but feels really good too!'

We are thrilled to introduce you to: 




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