'All my childhood summers were spent on the beach, obsessed with the ocean & swimwear! I often dreamt of newly designed bikinis, only to be disappointed when I woke, that these gorgeous new pieces were not in my wardrobe!

Craving exclusive designs & in love with creating, I was lead to a sewing machine at a very young age.

Neyku Swimwear naturally launched after I graduated from Design College in 2010.

While working on Neyku in 2017 between my personal training clients, sitting in 'average' activewear, it suddenly dawned on me... there was no spirited, creative, premium activewear on the market. 

With my love of creating premium garments that enhanced the human body, as well as my devotion to health & fitness, topped with the extreme awareness of the huge Activewear shift, bringing my passions together felt so right...

I focused on body-loving cuts, functional designs, quality fabrics & exclusive prints. And as I lived in these pieces ALL day, EVERY day, 

they not only needed to feel good & look good... but LAST

AND align with my environmental ethics and sustainability practices! 

After 2 years of designing, sampling & testing, in 2018 ARKHE LANE was born... 

Premium ACTIVEWEAR that brings out the fierce in YOU!


Renee Kounis Designer Director


I am thrilled to share with you my creationsI hope you feel empowered with every piece you wear & they bring out more of your untamed fierce self.'


Renee Kounis