Our Ethical Practice isn’t a strategy, it’s our Philosophy...  

We not only focus on how our products & services benefit our customers, but also how we can share the social & environmental responsibilityWe believe every business should commit to doing their part, protecting the rights & livelihoods of all people as well as the planet, our Mother Earth. 

Clothing manufacturing is amongst the most controversial industries in the World & during the last few decades it has received a lot more attention. This is great as it has created more awareness around things such as where & how our clothes are made, how the workers are treated, how the process of manufacturing can affect the environment, where clothes end up and how landfill is effecting our planet. 

ARKHE LANE is no where where we want to be in regards to making a positive impact on the planet, but so you know exactly what you are buying when you buy from us, here is what we are currently committed to:


Whilst other companies purchase on price and getting the products out the door, not focused on the quality or longevity of the garment, we are committed to quality, function & years of wear. 

We pride our self on choosing quality fabrics, quality manufactures, and designing timeless pieces so that your garments will be worn, loved & washed hundreds if not thousands of times. 



Whilst some companies run off fast fashion models, where things are done super cheep, super fast, and the focus in on keeping up with seasons trends, they do NOT care if their products are worn zero or a handful of times. They do not care they are mindlessly creating LAND FILL! Think of all this waste & all the disastrous environmental affect :(  

We are 100% committed to slow fashion!

With nothing ‘seasonal’, our products are thought out and timeless. We spend a lot of time perfecting our products slowly, our pieces are sampled, tested and manufactured correctly and with love.

We plan on each piece having a long and cherished life!  



All our factories are guaranteed to pass all of our high standards covering quality, integrity, human rights, fair pay, fair trade, no child labour, no forced labour, good working conditions, respect for the environment, transparency & accountability.

We check for high regarded documents & certificates such as Sudex Audits.

If they can not pass our high standards, we confidently chose NOT to work with them. 



Even though we know Plastic is very convenient and it can be very handy, we are too aware of the damaging effect plastic has on our Planet.

We opt out of single use plastic EVERY WHERE we can!

Whilst a lot of companies have each and every product delivered in its own single plastic bag as it keep the garment protected until it gets to the the retailer or customer, we opt out of this single bag use in as many stages as we can!

Each singular product is not manufactured, then packaged and delivered (neither to us or to our customers) in single bags saving thousand’s and thousands of plastic bags a year!



When a customer orders a product, it is delivered in a quality fabric ARKHE LANE tote bag which encourages our customer to recycle this bag, therefore avoiding single use plastic bags.

Some of our bags are designed with motivational & mindfulness quotes to inspire mindfulness & wellness. 

For our postage, we are currently swapping from using normal Australia Post plastic postage bags, to using boxes & recycled postage bags which will therefor mean we are no longer use single use plastic when posting our products. WINNING!

We have recently started researching what other practices we can implement which can positively impact our beautiful tribe and our Mother Earth. 

We have started researching the impact & footprint of using recycled fabrics for our ranges, still to decide whether this causes long term benefits overall. We are also looking at the possibility of introducing a Circular Business model where we recycle your used tights so they can be remade into new tights, saving many dumped tights per year! We would love to hear your feedback or any information on these possibilities.


Thank you for caring where your garments come from and how they are made and how they are delivered. Big love to all xo