Tights & Shorts with Pockets

Let's Talk Pockets

If you are like us, exercise daily & live in your activewear, you know tights are not tights if they don‚Äôt have pockets right? ūüėä

Where do you put your phone when you are running? What about your airpod case? Um your gym card? Your lip gloss? Keys?

Workout tights need pockets right!

You can’t be running or training and focusing on your workout if you have to worry about where to put your precious things! 

So we have you covered. We design ALL our tights & tight shorts with at least one pocket that is big enough to fit your average phone!

Hence an iPhone 12 which is approximately 7.5 x 15 x 1cm easily fits in all our phone pockets.

There is no going back to non-pocketed leggings after trying our tights with pockets! 

We love phone pockets in all our tights & shorts so much, hence some of our tights & shorts have 3 phone pockets for extra convenience!

Like our Kali leopard print 3 pocket shorts, they have 2 side pockets, plus a waist band pocket, all that fit an iphone 12!

It can‚Äôt get better than that right?! ūüėä And yes they are high waist!

If you’re on the go, juggling kids, carrying your phone, keys, your airpod case, maybe a lip gloss, you don’t want to carry a bag everywhere you go right, especially when training!

Women's activewear tights therefore need phone pockets!

And there is nothing like a flattering high waist capri tight like our Amanda 3 Pocket Capri Tight. These tights have one waist band pocket and 2 side leg pockets. Winning!

Our Ethical, Australian owned & Australian Designed Activewear label has you covered for premium quality, long lasting, mid-high & high waist pocket tights & short tights with pockets! ūüėä