We here at ARKHE LANE believe that life should not just look great, but feel really good!  

With wholesome foods, a healthy lifestyle, and great activewear, we know us females are unstoppable!

You have been chosen out of hundreds to be one of our brand ambassadors!

We picked you because we love your energy & think you are an unstoppable & fierce female. You fit our activewear brand perfectly & we would love you to be part of our fierce family! 

Woo hoo! :)


We hope you are LOVING our ARKHE LANE vision and are still wanting to be an AMBASSADOR for our Australian Activewear brand since we last talked!


Here is how our ARKHE LANE AMBASSADOR program works:


You get our fierce Australian Designed Activewear to help us share our label!

We will either send you a package or set you up with an $200 online voucher where you can buy anything from our online store for AU$200 or more. The store credit must be used in one purchase and on Activewear! 

Once you have put in your order, it is time to receive your activewear order! Exciting times!

Please note your package can take any where from 2-22 days to arrive from Australia.


When your package arrives - and you can't stop smiling cause you feel so good in your new Australian Designed Activewear - it is time for YOU to get creative and create beautiful & inspiring posts! :)


We love clear & bright posts! We love to see you moving or stretching outdoors with blue or light grey / white back grounds. No Green or Brown! :) 

Check out our INSTA page for inspo! @ARKHELANE 


We ask you to post at least 4 times in the first month.

Please NOTE, you MUST:

Mention us in your caption

eg. "My fierce Shekinah tights from @arkhelane  are just so perfect and comfy! Use "****" code to get your set and get 10% off!'

AND tag us in your photos

eg. @arkhelane ( you can also include @Neyku )

to make sure we see your posts & can share them! :)

We are proud to be know for these things and we love to see these words in your posts/blogs:

Empowering Brand, Australian Designed, Comfortable Crop Tops, Comfortable Tights, Squat proof, a Conscious & Ethical Australian Activewear label, Inhouse prints, Designed by a female personal trainer / designer, satisfaction guaranteed. 


We will repost your posts that align with our brand & our page. :) Also some of the stores that stock ARKHE LANE  may repost some of your photos so your photos will get the love they deserve! Always crediting your great photos!

You will likely gain new followers and get more exposure to the health & fitness online community. We hope this will bring you even more great opportunities! We love to see our Tribe shine!

Your ambassador membership lasts for 3 months from the day we set you up in the system.

(Depending on our how our program is going - if it is working for both of us - we may renew your membership for another 3 months once it expires.)


To reward you & give back to your family/friends/followers, you will also get a personalised discount code for 10% off our online store so they can love our activewear too.

The code is generally your Instagram name - but we will confirm this via email. :)

When your membership ends, we will show you how many times your discount code has been used and what was the total spend. You will get a voucher worth 10% of the total amount spent.

For example, if the total amount spent using your discount code is $2,500 in your 3 month membership, you will get $250 voucher to spend online on more activewear - or what ever you like on our online store.

Yay more free ARKHE LANE activewear threads! :)  

If you agree to these Ambassador Program Terms & Conditions, please email us with your full name, INSTAGRAM name & confirmation you 100% agree to the program, and we will get you all set up. EXCITING TIMES! :)


Any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

We are excited to see you in our activewear and having you apart of our ARKHE LANE tribe! 


'Life feels better in ARKHE LANE'