Getting to know our Designer / Founder

Getting to know our Designer / Founder

Getting to know our Designer / Founder

What is a normal day in Renee’s life?

I really don’t have a normal day, it’s always so different, but generally I…

  • Wake up 6/7am depending on what the day holds. I try and get 7-8 hours sleep!
  • I have big glass of water first thing & then I make coffee (in know!)
  • I then hit my desk to see what my schedule and priorities are for the day.
  • The day can vary from designing new prints, new activewear designs, testing tights & crops, updating our website, booking in shoots & models, meetings, clients and learning how to do new things! I never stop learning!
  • My number one priority in life is health, wellbeing & training so I exercise 45-60 minutes every day & listen to what my body & spirit needs.
  • I step away from my desk to do self-care things such as nails massages or to see a friend to break up the weeks and keep all areas of like in check.
  • Depending on the season, I work 7am until 8/9pm with breaks, but occasionally I work past midnight, if I am in flow!


What inspires you to move every day?

To be honest, I just can not, not move. I need to move every day!

I know my body feel its absolute best when I train & move an hour a day. I just don’t like the way my body feels if I don’t exercise daily!


What types of exercise do you do?

It really depends, and it can change. As I am personal Trainer I do love a good hiit session or gym session, but I have also done my teacher training for Reformer Pilates, Mat Pilates, Yoga & Animal Flow, so I really do like a mix depending on how my energies and body feels 😉

At the moment I am loving a mixture or hiit training, reformer pilates, yoga & big walks!

How often do you train hiit?

Currently I do HIIT training once, Power yoga & Pilates twice a week & walk 1-2 hours the other days!


Yoga? What sort?

Yes! I love Vinyasa, a powerful flow that keeps my heart rate up and challenges my body physically and mentally! I love it for the physical strength training of all the muscles of the body, as well as calming the mind & body through breath. Most importantly I love the connection with self through mindfulness!
I seriously LOVE vinyasa yoga!



You have been a personal trainer for 17 years, what do you most love about a career as a PT?

I love how Personal Training helps people realise their true potential.
Not many people know how great they can look & feel in their body!
Many people still don’t know how to train, eat, move or live their greatest potential! And I believe these habits and the inner power that is built with Training and good healthy practices feeds into all different areas of life!

Living a healthier life first comes down to knowledge, then application & consistency and therefore creating new daily habits & therefore mental programs. Personal training is great to help educate, apply and keep accountable clients living a healthier lifestyle! This also then effects their families & friends for centuries to come! 


Why do you love designing activewear?

Oh my gosh, there are so many reasons I love being an Activewear Designer!

I seriously love how I can create something in my mind, play with it on paper or on adobe, and then in several months it will be hanging on racks and Il be seeing it on people down the street! I also LOVE the feedback of our tribe reviewing or messaging how they absolutely love our pieces!

As I love inspiring people to move & live a healthier happier life, if I can inspire or transmit this through a premium Australian designed crop top, tight, legging or activewear set, I feel like I am doing my job! 😉

I also love meeting and connection with new people in our pop up shops, or at B2B events.


Favourite local studio Yoga studio you LOVE & would recommend I go? 😊

Loving THIS IS YOGA at the moment, their teachers & yoga training are simply the best!


Night in or night out?

Night in, I am truly an introvert, although I do love a catch up with close friends over a prosecco at a nice bar 😉 I more so love a night in cooking, designing, creating, doing yoga & learning atm!


What would be your favorite local place to go for meeting / catch up?

WILLS (COOGEE PAVILION) for sure, it’s set beach side therefore with views of Coogee Beach plus it's marble bar, décor & service is just perfect!   


Favourite time, Morning, Day or Night?

Morning but not too early. I do love a good walk out in nature, coffee & sitting at cafes designing…


What would you love to say to your younger self?

Keep smiling, everything is ok, even the hard times are ok, they happen for a reason. Keep focusing on loving & doing what you love. What you are going through will make sense down the track. 


Favourite animals & why?

Horses, I just love how in tune & athletic they are.

I also love tigers, lions & leopards! I love their prints & patterns as well as their primal fierceness!  


What’s your go to for good food? 

Oh I LOVE Apollo Potts Point Sydney – seriously the BEST Greek food ever, although not claim it all as healthy! :)

My home cooked meal are on point though. I love a nutritious meal of fish and roast vegetables, or nutritious smoothie!


What is the one thing you are proud of learning or growing into right now?

Showing up for myself daily in all areas of life. I am learning to follow my heart and having real trust in myself... and honoring my truth! Society teaches us not to listen to our voice or heart, it's the way we are programed, so it's really harder than we think it is. 


What is one thing/situation you are ready to bring into your reality & why?

Great partnerships with like minded businesses! I am lucky to be working with some amazing women atm but definitely looking forward to doing more in the health, fitness & wellness space!

Oh and I’m def ready to have my own family, but guess that one is up to GOD, when the time is right... :)


The big question, Tights or leggings? Meaning what do you call them by? 

Tights! 😉


Favourite legging length? Full, cropped, capri, bike shorts?

Full length tights for sure, but I am obsessed with our bike shorts with pockets atm!


What is your favourite activewear design that you have designed so far?

The latest Latiecia Leopard Shorts & Crop! It is my absolute best animal print bike short & crop! So comfortable with a seamless waistband, squat proof, looks amazing with the black + grey leopard print and of course it has a phone pocket!

But I also love the animal print cropped legging + crop top activewear sets that are coming early 2023 😉


Where in the world would you like to do our next ARKHE LANE activewear shoot?

Ohhhh definitely Africa! All those beautiful animals, people and colours!  


What does ARKHE LANE mean?


So my beautiful Dad is Greek…

ARKHE (derived from ARCHE) is an ancient Greek word with primary senses ‘the beginning
source of action
the principle element from which everything comes to be’.

LANE was to tie it in to Physical World & the active/wellness journey. So like a private road, lane represented a personal yet physical place to come to start the fitness & wellness Journey.

It's funny, the name 'ARKHE LANE' actually took me years to find, but when I found and put them together, I was like YES that is it! Especially as Designing & creating a brand is about making a positive impact on the World & inspiring people to live a healthier & happier life, these 2 words just felt so right!



What do you wish for ARKHE LANE Activewear…?

I wish our Australian activewear brand impacts many women all over Australia & the World & inspires them to live a healthier, happier & fitter life!

I also feel one day we will create more of a healthier impact in places of need such as Africa.

I feel a pull to help with their health, not sure what it is yet, but I am sure in the right time it will present itself!


Lastly, what does being fierce mean to you?

Living your truth & following your own heart.

I believe we have been put on this earth with our own talents, callings & path. We are all so different yet perfect.

If we tune into our hearts, we feel it what is true for us, which may not be true for others. Our intuition tells us our truth, and what is right for us.

Others often don’t know what that truth is for us, but often we look to others for what we should do. We know - well our heart knows - what is right/ wrong for us and the next step we should take!  

For example, the first day I started design school, I knew I was where I was meant to be just by how it felt! I felt so at home there and being creative & designing. No one would have known that for me! And funnily enough, also the depression that had been lingering for nearly a decade literally lifted that first day of design school! 

So being fierce, definitely means staying true to you, your heart & unapologetically being you! 


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